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  1. A Beginner's Journey Through the World of Islam
    A Beginner's Journey Through the World of Islam
  2. A Beginner's Journey Through the World of Islam
    A Beginner's Journey Through the World of Islam
​​A Posthumous Publication
Only available until end Ramadan
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  1. Red Kufi Books unveils latest project
    21 Jan, 2017
    Red Kufi Books unveils latest project
    Red Kufi Books is pleased to begin the process of unveiling our latest project as we see it to fruition. Insha'Allah.  The Beloved Prophet ﷺ is an illustrated biography of the greatest personage to have lived, written in rhyme and brought to life with striking illustrations. This publication is currently in production and aimed at all ages.     Our goal is to complete this monumental project by the end of April 2017 just in time for Ramadan.  To achieve this, we are reaching out to the global
    12 Dec, 2016
    Imagine a world without mothers and fathers
    The world as we know it gives a considerable amount of space and attention to mothers and fathers. As in the animal world on land, sea, or the air, humans have mothers and fathers with special roles to play in structuring the world. Despite some having to work1, parents have a duty of care and safety for their offspring that only they can do with boundless love, concern, trepidation, and selflessness. This special, psychological makeup, socialised countenance, and universally approved raison
    17 Oct, 2016
    The straight path for social media users left to their own devices
    When, in 1936, Alan Turing first mooted the idea of practical, universal computing machines1, little did he realise that it would spawn the creation of a cybernetic world in which paper-thin, plastic and glassy, handheld devices, alongside their less popular desktop predecessors, would universally allow for split-second communication between users2, albeit that this miniaturisation in e-communication flouts the virtues of real-time interrelations. Exchanges of our voices, pictures, and written
    14 Sep, 2016
    Echoes of Dawud and Jalut: Community sports vs the Olympic Games - Part 2
    Only an Omniscient Creator Knows when the Islamic beacon will blaze above the beckoning of all other paths. The very excessive demands for superlative heights in physical performance by irreligious and distracting Olympic Games (OG) cannot be accommodated within Islam. Hours, days, weeks, months, and years are spent by Olympians to reach those heights. Such effort distracts and disengages them from the more balanced, Allāh-serving mode that He wants. The Games must be replaced by small-scale,
    06 Sep, 2016
    Echoes of Dawud and Jalut: Community sports vs the Olympic Games - Part 1
    Bleary-eyed and perhaps hoarse from much whooping and cheering during 15 days of viewing the television broadcasts of the 2016 Olympic Games (OG) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, many devotees of this highest stage of sporting excellence now rue the end of it all. They are left with pleasant memories of the achievement of men and women from the global village, whose hopes and dreams of accolades and laurels have been realised, or lay in tatters. The many ‘lucky’ spectators who attended the over 306
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About Red Kufi Books

The Red Kufi was popularly worn by Muslim men in Cape Town in days gone bye. 
No doubt there’s one carefully tucked away in the back of a cupboard in most Muslim homes here. 
The rooi kuffiyah, as it is commonly known, was an essential part of the late Shaykh Abdurraghiem Hasan Sallie’s attire. 

In brainstorming ideas for a rebranding of Daddy’s Books - the official publisher and distributor of Shaykh Abdurraghiem’s books - his love for the red kufi came up. This is how the name Red Kufi Books was born. 
At Red Kufi Books, we have made it our mission to call tirelessly to the first Quranic verse revealed and provoke the heart to the love of reading.
"I love words. I love learning new words that expand my vocabulary and bring new meaning to what I already know and that which I am yet to learn. I love to learn the etymology of words. The etymology of a single word can transcend multiple cultures and connect me to current civilisations and that of a by-gone era. I love languages. As it is in language, words are woven into tapestries. Ultimately, I love words of meaning, which move hearts and transform." Red Kufi Books writer